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So who am i?

Navigating the  intricate roles of motherhood and marriage while wearing numerous hats in life has been an enriching journey for me. I am dedicated to guiding individuals in rediscovering their inner strength, with a particular focus on healing and overcoming trauma. My path toward this purpose has been transformative. After Creating and owning a successful wedding venue for over a decade, I made the courageous decision to part ways with it following personal trials and tribulations, setting the stage for a new chapter in my life.

Today, as a certified Spinal Flow practitioner, accomplished sound healer, and the visionary founder of the life-changing “FROM BROKEN TO BADASS” retreats, I draw from my diverse experiences to facilitate profound healing and self-discovery in others. Through Spinal Flow technique, I tap into the body’s natural wisdom allowing the body to locate the root cause of the symptoms associated with pain, disease and illness. Guiding individuals through sound healing, I lead them on a transformative journey toward inner equilibrium and rejuvenation. The “FROM BROKEN TO BADASS” retreats exemplify my commitment to empowering women to transcend life’s obstacles and rewrite their narratives. Together, we embark on a path of healing, self-empowerment, and remarkable positive transformation.

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